Fabrics and Garments

AGent +® for Textiles by Cosilion® is a state-of-the-art technology that helps protect nearly any type of fabric from accumulating bacteria, fungi or germs that can lead to odor, disease, and other unpleasant conditions. And our unique technology does this in a safe, all-natural way that will not distress the original composition of your fabric and can be easily implemented into your production process without changing your infrastructure, which will save you time, money and hassle. Imagine shoes that don’t stink. Germ-resistant handbags. Camping equipment that is resistant to mold. Odor free gym-clothes. Bathroom towels that stay fresh longer. All of these are possible with AGent+ for Textiles from Cosilion. The possibilities are endless!

Proven Results

In independent lab tests, AGent + for Textiles was shown to be 99.99% effective at reducing the presence of bacteria and fungi, even after 50 washes.

The Advantage of Cosilion’s Emerging Technology

The unique advantage of Cosilion’s products lies in its technology. The nanoparticles involved are so small that they bond to fibers without impacting the original properties, and are able to cover the effective surface area. Our unique application process ensures a completely even and thorough coverage that will not alter your production process while still providing maximum protection. This means that AGent+ for Textiles will provide better coverage and ultimately better protection against the unwanted microbials that can harm your fabrics or the customer that use them. Finally, because our exclusive nanotechnology attaches completely to the fabric’s fibers, the technology provides complete and lasting protection that stays with the garment throughout its lifespan.